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? ߸ ־?
ʴ ì ݾ. װ ϱ ݾ. ﳪ?
. ̾!
װ ̾ ̴. 翬 ׷!
ƺ , ٰ.
ƺ ħ ִ.
. ſ.
׷, ˰ڴ.
ħ !
ϰ ƺ ̾. ׷, ߰̾.
. Dylan, ʴ ̳ ƺ ڸ .
? ʴ Ⱦ?
ƿ, ׷ ƺ ƿ.
() ?  !
, ! ̾߿!
˾, ̾.
𸣰ھ. ⿡ .
! ϴ ˰ ־µ,  ݾƿ.
װ  ˰ .

What? Did I do something wrong?
You are taking mom's! I am supposed to take hers, remember?
Well, sorry!
I am very glad that you are sorry, you had better be!
Well, give me dad's, and I will give you mom's.
Here is dad's.
Well, here is mom's!
Hurry up!
Did you remember the colors?
Yeah. It'll be in my head forever.
Me too.
Ok. I got your point.
Roll out your sleeping bags!
I'm next to mom and dad, so, basically in the middle.
Ok. Dylan, you can sleeping next to me, or dad.
Why? You don't like me?
I do, but I like dad better.
(Joking) What?! How dare you!
Geez mom! I'm joking!
I know, I was joking too.
That was a bit wild.
I don't know, it was funny to watch.
How so?
I don't know! It's like I know you guys are joking, but you know.
She knows?
I might know what feeling that is!

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o States and districts already maintain many systems that contain student data, many of which are internet or cloud-based. This data is necessary to effectively operate schools, but its often housed in costly, outdated and less secure systems that make it difficult for teachers, districts, and states to do their jobs.
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